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Light Track - Intelligent Zebra Crossing

We are searching for partner companies skilled in working in the government area for exporting our Light Track (intelligent zebra crossing) solution. Light Track - Intelligent Zebra Crossing
LighTrack is the first of its kind light-signaling, intelligent pedestrian crossing aiming to help the drivers to “see” earlier potential pedestrians, even before they have set a foot on the road.
When a pedestrian approaches the crossing area the lights installed on the road lane generate an immediate ‘running light wave’ signaling.
The lights are visible from a 100 m. distance and the direction of the lighting wave indicates from which side of the road the potential pedestrian will come.
SpaceLab offers its customers solutions of various levels of complexity, providing outsourcing services for electronics design for different spheres: Smart City, Medical Technology, Green Energy, Defence Industry, Consumer Electronics; We are ready to support you at any project stage. We can perform tasks related to the development and manufacturing of electronics.

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